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A free resource area for people with a passion or interest in the worlds of commissioning and procurement.

Whether in the public or private sector, effective commissioning and procurement are essential in reducing costs, improving service delivery and sustaining a healthy business. 'Monkey In Your Pocket' aims to support commissioners and procurement professionals in understanding their respective roles, evolving their teams and business positioning, and in accepting and promoting the symbiosis of both professions


In his work, 'Origin of the Species', Darwin stated that both strong breeding and the capability to pass on abilities were key to his idea of survival of the fittest. But evolution, of course, takes time and in the business world that's something too precious to waste in a competitive environment that is increasingly tougher to survive. So what if you could short cut some of that learning and jump ahead a few evolutionary stages? What if you could jump from amoeba to reptile or simian (missing out all things fishy along the way)?

Knowledge Bank

Pooling the shared knowledge of versatile and experienced professionals, 'Monkey In Your Pocket', aims to kick start your team or business' evolution, giving you a helping hand through:

  • A range of resources including tools,

    models and articles

  • Forums for a community of like-minded


  • Knowledge sharing of events and experience

Professional Development

Free and interactive, 'Monkey In Your Pocket' is an invaluable tool for stimulating new thinking, developing a customer service focus and enhancing both your professional and personal development. In a world where 'survival of the fittest' is key, make sure your future is secure and productive and join in now...